RN is the one point of contact local service model. Franchisees are provided a local partner for payroll, human resources and Fortune 500® level true-group benefits of choice designed specific to each unit, location and market. Franchisees of any size and scope can customize the solution best suited for them, including the much anticipated customizable PEO designed specifically for franchises of any size, in any state!

Our dedication to reduce franchisee labor costs and mitigate owner liability is evident in each custom franchise solution :

  • RN provides access into a customizable professional employer organization, unique to the franchise community. We provide the most affordable and customizable payroll, HR, Fortune 500® level true-group benefits of choice and regulatory compliance management services designed specifically for each unit, location and market.
  • RN breaks apart every labor cost in a transparent reporting model. We pride ourselves through full transparency in our customizable platforms so that our clients do not pay for services they don’t need.
  • RN provides a local one point of contact for all service support.

The most successful franchisees consistently reduce costs and increase profit by customizing their human resources specific to their industry and market. Every business owner has unique goals and variables specific to their business. Rely on a one point of contact HR business partner that specializes in your industry. At RN, we believe human resources should not be standardized.

RN is the industry’s most affordable and fully customizable HR solution that tailors specific to the needs of the franchisee in each industry, market and location. RN provides a local one point of contact HR manager for all clients, regardless of location or size.

Do what you do best, outsource the rest :

  • Reduce Non-Revenue Generating Work
  • Local HR One Point of Contact
  • HR Administration and Consulting
  • Employee Handbooks and Templates
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Recruiting, Staffing and Selection
  • Integrated Payroll / HR / Benefits Cloud Portal
  • Reduce Administrative Burden
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Improve Return on Human Capital

Email us at enquiry@rn-hr.com to reduce costs and mitigate liability with the HR partner designed for business franchises.